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Job Description
Jobs in UK for Freshers, Also known as operations managers, operations officers report to the Chief Operating Officer. They develop company policies, monitor compliance, and oversee projects and budgets. Their duties include realizing the company’s business objectives by promoting efficiency, and increasing profitability.
We are looking for a qualified and innovative operations officer to increase the efficiency and profitability of our operations. In this role, your duties will include reporting to the Chief Operating Officer and developing new company policies. You may also be required to perform routine administrative tasks.
To ensure success as an operations officer, you should demonstrate advanced operational competency and excellent managerial skills. Operations officers are comfortable in leadership positions and have extensive operations management experience.
Job Details

Hiring Organization
Everlution Software Ltd.

Post Name
Operations Officer

Any Graduate


Employment Type
Full Time

Work Hours
8 Hours

GBP 2650 To GBP 2700 Per Month

London, England, United Kingdom SE1 4YH

About Organization
Our professional and expert web development team is specialised in the software development lifecycle of business-critical web-applications for B2B, SaaS, or internal workflow environments.
We are open-source advocates, and we utilise many of the actively supported and tested tools, libraries, and frameworks, ensuring future maintainability and availability of developers. Our projects are primarily based around TypeScript with Node.
JS or PHP7 with Symfony. Where appropriate, we have a general preference for using Docker containerisation, ReactJS and serverless architectures. We make extensive use of Amazon AWS web-services including Cognito, Lambda, SNS, ElastiCache, AppSync (GraphQL), API Gateway and machine learning frameworks.
Due to the nature of the projects we work on that often require significant processing of structured and unstructured data, we often incorporate services such as Elastic search, Redis, message queues, and document based data stores. We aim for a high unit-test coverage, which allows us to run a continuous integration and deployment strategy, in line with our weekly sprints.
By combining the lean and agile ability of start-ups with enterprise InfoSec rigour, we confidently develop secure, scalable, attractive, and commercially viable websites for companies of all sizes. We partner with clients to provide
Job Responsibilities For Jobs in UK for Freshers

Analyzing and maintaining operational data, and monitoring product inventories.
Monitoring adherence to policies and processes throughout the company.
Overseeing human resources development policies, training, and performance reviews.
Ensuring positive client, supplier, and vendor relationships.

Job Requirements For Jobs in UK for Freshers 

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer about company processes and procedures.
Developing company policies and ensuring compliance.
Improving business functionality to align with core business objectives.
Planning and managing projects and contributing to product innovation.
Tracking operational costs toward maintaining profit-margins.
Promoting efficiency by implementing improved operational procedures.

Job Skills For Jobs in UK for Freshers

In-depth knowledge of project management and strategic planning.
Exceptional leadership and communication skills.
Ability to promote efficiency toward achieving business objectives and profitability.
Advanced knowledge of best business practices.
Developing human resources policies, and monitoring compliance and performance.
Proficiency in business operations management software, such as ProjectManager and SYSPRO.

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