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Urgent Vacancy Oil Rig Jobs UK For Petroleum Engineer
Job Description
Oil Rig Jobs UK, A petroleum engineer works with a team of specialists to locate natural reservoirs of petroleum deposits and to develop the most cost-effective, efficient methods of extracting petroleum.effective methods of petroleum recovery, extracting and producing oil and gas from underground reservoirs
The petroleum engineer uses principles from chemistry, mathematics, engineering, and geology to maximize the efficiency and environmental safety of petroleum extraction.and developing new ways to extract oil and gas from older reservoirs.
We are looking for an analytical petroleum engineer to assist with the location of natural petroleum reservoirs and to devise the best methods of extraction. The petroleum engineer’s responsibilities include discovering new petroleum reservoirs, developing cost-efficient, 
To be a successful petroleum engineer, you should have strong mathematical, analytical, and problem-solving skills. You should have an in-depth knowledge of extraction techniques and principles, and be willing to travel to and live in possibly harsh and unfriendly locations.
Job Details

Hiring Organization
Diamond Offshore Drilling (U.K.) LTD

Post Name
Petroleum Engineer

Bachelor’s Degree in petroleum, civil, mechanical, chemical, or related Engineering Field


Employment Type
Full Time

Work Hours
8 Hours

GBP 4500 To GBP 4900 Per Month

Aberdeen, Scotland,United Kingdom AB21 0GL

About Organization
Diamond Offshore traces its beginnings to the earliest days of the offshore drilling industry. Decades of innovation, multiple acquisitions of rigs and companies, and an unwavering commitment to safety compose the chapters of our
History and define Diamond Offshore as an established world leader in offshore drilling.  Today, Diamond Offshore’s fleet of offshore drilling rigs consists of 9 semisubmersibles and four ultra-deepwater drillships currently commissioned around the world.
Like many companies, Diamond has been impacted by the continued downturn in the oil and gas industry. Restructuring our finances will allow us to build a bridge to the upturn in the industry when fleet utilization and day rates return to more normal levels.
Job Responsibilities For Oil Rig Jobs UK

Analyzing, interpreting, and monitoring the geological formation data to ascertain the extraction risks and the best methods of extraction.
Using surveys, testing, and analysis to evaluate new reservoirs to determine profits and to create low-cost drilling and extraction plans.
Generating computer-simulated models for drilling formation and equipment, ensuring and designing the best tools and equipment for extraction, and managing machinery and production costs.
Determining the most efficient way to drill through internal divisions for a free-flowing single well.
Determining the most efficient way to fracture shale beds to free the gas or oil.
Overseeing ongoing production operations, ensuring the efficient extraction and drilling, and ensuring extraction and transportation respect safety and environmental regulations.
Maintaining on-site drilling and pumping equipment.
Developing and refining methods of extracting more petroleum from existing wells.
Overseeing the removal of the company’s equipment, the sealing of the reservoir, and the disposal of waste materials once the reservoir has been exhausted.

Job Requirements For Oil Rig Jobs UK

A bachelor’s degree in petroleum, civil, mechanical, chemical, or related Engineering field.
An in-depth, creative knowledge of extraction techniques and principles.
Good IT, research, and survey skills.
Strong technical, analytical, numerical, and problem-solving skills.
Good communication, interpersonal, and teamworking skills.
The willingness and ability to be held accountable for multi-million dollar operations.
The willingness and ability to work in remote locations, with harsh climates and often unfriendly locals.
The ability to handle a physically demanding and stressful work environment.

Job Skills For Oil Rig Jobs UK

strong technical skills.
teamworking skills.
problem-solving skills.
the ability to work under pressure.
drive and enthusiasm.
numerical and analytical skills.
IT skills.
good health and fitness.

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